25 Must Have’s For Dorm Living

Alarm Clock – your college freshman needs to be able to wake up on their own without waiting for Mom or Dad’s screeching “get out of bed now”. After all their now big boys and big girls treat them as such.

Computer – might as well break down and provide a laptop, after all, Jack, Joe, Mary, Susan have one, why should your precious one not feel just as privileged, besides it will keep you from worrying about what time they leave the computer lab.

USB Flash drive – the college student must have access to all working files at all times, getting that phone call in the middle of the night about a late assignment really chaps me.

Surge Protector – in the event of a storm you need to protect your investment, because they will not.

Television – cheap entertainment and it does not involve driving home to see you.

Cell phone – sure you would love to hear from them 10 thousand times a day until they make new friends.

Supply of paper goods – toilet paper could get ugly if they leave home without it.

Paper plates, paper cups, plastic forks and spoons, nothing like paying for a meal plan and providing groceries because the meals are horrible in the cafeteria.

Microwave – good backup for quick meals, hot cereal foods and warming up leftovers remember the groceries you paid for?

Mini Refrigerator – great way to store juice, milk, small snacks and fruit.

Disposable Bedding – new product on the market, eliminates the need to run to the laundry mart, certainly means one less thing to bring home to Mom to wash. Family of disposable products includes mattress cover, Mom has no idea the last time that mattress was replaced.

First aid supplies – rest assured band-aid has it covered.

Clothes – No matter how many boxes of clothes you haul up the stairs and into that small area called a dorm, they will come back for more clothes.

Shoe Rack- keeps shoes in order and coordinated.

Clothes Hamper – clothing needs a holding place until they can bag it up to bring it home for Mom or Dad to wash after all you live for those moments.

Laundry Basket – exceptional holding place for the clean clothes they refuse to hang in the closet.

Hangers – go ahead, spend your money, they will make exceptional ornaments in the closet.

Free Standing Shelves – makeup, shaving sticks and miscellaneous items need their own space.

Back packs – exceptional place to store that syllabus and the new books Mom paid for.

Planner – so they can count down the number of days before coming back home.

Comforter – for all seven days that your student is extra tired because he or she was in class all day.

iPod – get with the program, everyone has one.

Dictionary – why bother, they can Google it, ask it and use spell check/grammar check.

Pencils/Pens – they need a tool to write down their wish list, plan parties and social outings.

Paper – goes with pencils and pens.

Mini Cooper Surabaya siap menemani perjalanan anda.

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