3 Tips To Last Longer In Bed – Ignore These And You’ll Keep Ejaculating Early

Have you been experiencing problems with your sexual stamina? Are you sick and embarrassed of ejaculating too early every time you are having sex? If you are, I know you feel extremely frustrated. So pay close attention here.

You can sort this out. Delaying your ejaculate requires to gain control over your PC muscle which controls the flow of your ejaculate and your urine. Once you gain control of the PC muscle, you can reduce the stimulation’s you feel and therefore you will be able to last longer.

Here are the 3 amazingly powerful tricks to reduce the stimulation’s you feel and delay your ejaculation…

Start masturbating the right way – The reason a lot of men tend to ejaculate too early is because of their masturbation habits are that way. If you are trained your body and your mind to ejaculate too soon while masturbating, you will definitely suffer in your bed.

It’s important for you to become aware of these bad habits. Try to gain control over your ejaculate and practice holding it off for at least 20-30 minutes. Anything less than that, you are not prepared to give her an AMAZING time. Also use a lubricant on your penis while masturbating.

Learn to control the PC muscle – This is a skill you must learn at all costs if you want to last longer in bed. It’s a must for every man out there. It takes some work but once you do, you will be able to control your ejaculations anytime you want.

The PC muscle can be felt if you stop the flow of your urine halfway. The muscle that contracts is your PC muscle. Practice contracting and relaxing the muscle whenever you get time. The more you practice it, the more in control the muscle is. This will help you reduce the stimulation’s you feel.

Using sprays – This is a very much temporary fix. There are lots of sprays available on the market that reduce the sensations you feel. Since you feel fewer sensations, you are less likely to be aroused thus helping you to last longer. However, this QUICK fix comes in with a lot of disadvantages.

The pleasure you experience is less and your woman experiences less pleasure as well. And it’s not permanent. You will have to keep spraying your penis in order to last longer. You can use it for tonight. But make sure that you try to gain control over your arousals in the most natural way possible (by controlling the PC muscle).

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