5 Ways Staging A House Helps Get It Sold

Although most people would agree, the better the first impression, the better the chance of transforming a potential buyer, to a serious one, many homeowners fail to realize, or are unwilling or unable to accept, their cherished home, where they have spent much time, may need some tweaks, in order for others to see it in its best light! Sometimes, only some minor adjustments might be needed, while at other times, there may be a need to stage the entire place! I recommend a homeowner discuss this, in detail, with a professional, trusted, real estate professional, who might offer insight based on experience, expertise, and understanding the marketplace. While staging may help in many ways, this article will touch upon 5 ways, doing so, may make a significant difference, in getting your home sold.

1. Exterior/ curb appeal: The staging process is used, as an attempt to lure potential buyers, to take a big – picture, type of look! However, this must begin on the exterior, because unless you get the buyer inside, nothing can happen. How can you spruce up the exterior and add to the curb appeal, without spending huge sums of money? Start by driving up your block to the house, and objectively consider what you see. Is it a turn – on, turn – off, or a neutral experience. You want to avoid turning off a potential buyer because of some negative distraction. Remember, it’s often about one’s first impressions! Look at sidewalks, driveways, plants, lawn, doors (including screen and exterior), and clutter. Touch up the paint where it is needed. Make the lawn more presentable. Trim bushes so they are controllable and more attractive. Power – wash the exterior and fix obvious faults or distractions. Get the buyer to come in, without already having ruled your home, out!

2. First impression: You only get one chance to make a first impression! Walk in your front door. Does the door squeak, or is there something wrong with the storm door? Are they any negative odors? If so, identify and eliminate them! How does the paint, etc look? Is it clean and neat, or dirty, ugly or an eyesore? How about clutter? Have you eliminated it? Does your furniture, as it is presently configured, help or hinder the overall sales appeal? Sometimes, you and your real estate professional might be able to make minor tweaks, and address the issues. However, there are times when the services of a qualified, recommended, professional home stager, are called for!

3. De – clutter: Wouldn’t you get a negative feeling and/ or impression, if you looked at a cluttered, messy house?

4. The right furnishings: Do the size and proportions of your furniture, fixtures and furnishings, enhance or take away from the allure of the house? The goal is to use staging to make things more attractive, etc!

5. Overall impressions: I represented a homeowner as a listing agent, for a very nice house, but for several reasons, it was challenging to show it off, in its best light. After having the whole house, professionally staged, the house sold in the next weekend! Make the best overall impression possible!

Home staging might be the greatest tool, in marketing and selling a house. Homeowners should discuss its usage, in detail, with their selected real estate professional!

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