Bed and Breakfast Getaway – What You Should Expect

Need to get away but sick and tired of the boring TV and bed only hotel rooms down the road? Whether you are going on your honeymoon or simply looking for a rejuvenating day off, then a bed and breakfast is definitely the place for you. They are best known for the excellent combo of scrumptious breakfasts and cozy bedrooms plus the extra friendly vibe and welcoming service.

Whenever you reserve a room, be sure to ask the staff for specifics and room features – the basics would be the room size and number of beds available. Sometimes when they say “single” on their ads, it may refer to either a single twin bed or could be a room with a double bed instead. The term “double” could differ from having two twin beds to a one double bed.

If you are meticulous about bathrooms, then definitely call for confirmations about their details. It is common to expect a bathroom that includes anything from a small closet with only a toilet, sink and a shower in one room. Some offer a separate bath and shower. Brief, historical footnote to this would be many of these bed and breakfast places are old homes that had no indoor plumbing when formerly built, so the bathroom were added later on wherever a space is available. Some offer shared baths in one common area. If you would want to avoid an awkward scenario with the other guests, it might be a worth paying a little extra to get a room with a bathroom to yourself.

Most places do not offer a television, telephone or even internet service in their rooms – which adds to the charm of these places, in fact. The customary arrangement is to have all these objects arranged in a social area for other guests to gather around. But then again, in the age of smart phones and mobile internet connections, it may not be an inconvenience to some. But originally, the concept is to allow opportunity for the guests to enjoy time together with each other and maybe socialize with the rest of the inn’s guests.

The most wonderful thing to expect in a bed and breakfast would be the wonderful food to greet you when you wake up early in the morning to start your day. Innkeepers pride themselves on serving delightful homemade meals. Before reserving a room, it is good to also make sure the place offers the kind of meals that you prefer. Make your time worthwhile by choosing the right places to stay in during your vacation.

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