Best Cleaning Tips For Stuffed Animals

Most of us have a favorite plush animal. Maybe it perfectly compliments the décor in your living room, or maybe it has great sentimental value due to childhood memories or because it is a treasured gift from a significant other. These toys will get some dust and dirt on them over the course of time, but there are ways to keep them looking their best without a lot of effort. The key is to keep it gentle so as not to ruin the plush toy. You can use water on most stuffed toys, so long as you are careful. Don’t lose your favorite animal toy due to dirt and grime!

Bath Time

Some favorite plush toys spend a lot of time on the floor. Kids toss them on the floor after playing with them, and some stuffed animals can serve a decorative function in a room to liven up a corner. Plush animals that are on the floor get dirty very quickly, so they need a bath occasionally. (This can be a good object lesson for kids on the power of bathing.) You can bathe a teddy bear or other plush toy by soaking them overnight with a little detergent and some fabric softener. Toss them in the dryer with some scented dryer sheets for a fresh smell. If you decide to put your plushie in a washing machine, put it in a pillow case and tie the pillow case shut to avoid damaging the stuffed animal. Set your washer to a gentle cycle and use cold water to help your plush pal keep its color. Always dry on low. About thirty minutes on low heat should dry your toy nicely, but it may need some fluffing by hand to make sure that its stuffing is in the right place.

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