Creating Kids Theme Bedroom That Grow Along With Your Child

When you start out planning themes for your children’s bedroom that revolve around your kid’s hobbies and interests, one factor you, as a parent, really need to take into account is the longevity of the theme kid’s room you design. If not done right, a kid can outgrow his or her fantasy theme bedroom faster than last year’s clothes. If handled properly, however, you can give your child a space of their own that they can cherish for many years to come, as the look and feel of their room changes along with them while they grow.

Balance is the Key

You want to give your young child a bedroom that he or she will feel safe and comfortable in. One that encourages and inspires him or her to spend time there, and to sleep soundly through the night. The easiest way to do this is to give them a custom theme room that evokes one of their fondest fantasies – be they princesses, doll houses, the jungle, the ocean, or planes, trains, and other things-that-go.

Of course, we all know that our interests change as we grow, and often none faster than the interests of children. What is considered “in” today, may be considered “out” tomorrow. Children reaching a stage where they’re eager to grow up may suddenly find themselves disinterested in, and even irritated by, the “babyish” designs surrounding them in their own bedroom.

To balance out the desire to have a fantasy kids room that your child will love now and a room that grows up with your child that he or she will love later too, consider starting with the following tips:

  • Use easily alterable wall coverings – ie magnetic paint, bulletin board/cork board and whiteboard/dry erase board or paint. With magnetic wall paint, you can decorate with magnets that can be moved around, removed entirely, and replaced whenever your child gets the whim. And anything can be made magnetic, even a magazine clipping by gluing one or more magnets onto the backing. The same applies with corkboard, bulletin boards, blackboards and whiteboards. Anything tacked on bulletin boards or drawn on whiteboard in dry erase marker or blackboard in chalk can be erased and tacked or drawn over anytime your child likes. Washable latex enamel paints are also another similarly effective decorating tool.
  • Restrict age-specific themes to a part of the room. One great way to do this is with a custom theme bed that reflects the fantasy theme, placed against one wall of the room that’s also decorated in accordance with the design. The rest of the room (including the better part of the other three walls) can then be decorated simply, more “normally”.
  • When selecting other children’s furniture, seek out wood furniture that can easily be repainted to reflect your child’s growing and changing tastes.
  • Use area rugs and mats on the floors to allow for easy and inexpensive decorating alterations over time.
  • Use lots of pillows and fabrics. Both of these are relatively inexpensive and therefore easy to replace when your child’s interests change. A simple change in window dressings or in the pillows and bedding on your child’s custom theme bed can create the appearance of huge changes with very little effort.

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