Don’t Wait Until You Feel Motivated to Exercise!

You probably feel that you will eventually get in shape. You are simply waiting to feel motivated. Understand this. Motivation will never suddenly drift your way. You are not going to wake up one morning and suddenly feel motivated. It just will not happen.

Do you wait until you feel motivated to go to work? Do you wait until you feel motivated to wash your hair, brush your teeth, cook, clean, or eat? No! You just do these things because you need to. Guess what? You need to treat your fitness exactly the same way.

Treat your health and fitness as the most important thing that you absolutely need to do for yourself. There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of being extremely healthy, fit, and energetic.

So, beginning today, toss the I will wait until I am motivated thinking right out the front door. Do something now.

If you are not sure where to start, the easiest thing to do is join a health club. Get a phone book. What are you waiting for? Get your local phone book. You want to get fit, right?

Look under health clubs. Call for rates. Ask about enrollment fees, joining fees, and their monthly rates. Do not believe you cannot afford a health club membership. Do you hesitate for one minute to write a $50 check to your cable company every month or charge $50-$75 for dinner at your favorite restaurant? Or how about $80 for a new outfit or shoes?

Once you narrow it down to the three best health clubs, drive to each one. Look for cleanliness, friendliness, a variety of cardio, strength training machines, and free weights. Look for a club that has certified personal trainers. Meet one. Enroll. Arrange for your personal training session the first thing tomorrow morning.

If you cannot afford a personal trainer, for now, you may use the workout plans in the book, Lose the Lies, Lose the Weight. Once you begin a regular exercise program, then you will see results. Those weight loss results will provide motivation to continue working out. Taking action comes first. The motivation will follow.

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