How To Bring Back That Spark to Your Relationship

Has the initial fire died out? Have you found that things have settled into a comfortable but drab routine of television and slightly boring evenings?

You know that the love is still there, but that rut is getting to you. You’ve even started noticing that the bag boy at the local supermarket is looking mighty hot! Maybe your man has even noticed how many times you run there, and a trip to get milk requires makeup and twenty minutes of prep time!

When with your significant other, however, you are content to lounge around in ratty sweats, your hair pulled up in a ponytail.

Sounds like trouble is abrewin’, young lady!

So what do you need to do to bring back the love, that spark, that romance? First, ditch those ratty clothes. I’m not saying that looks equate to love, but neglecting your appearance might suggest that other things are getting overlooked as well. Maybe those things even include kindness and good manners.

Why do we tend to be on our best behavior around strangers, those that we will likely never see again, but the people we claim to love and who we spend every day with are sometimes treated worse than our pets? Perhaps the old saying, “familiarity breeds contempt” is true.

So to turn things around, start to dress like you did when you were first dating. Make an effort to look nice. Not only that, but use your “people skills”. Pat your man gently as you walk by, stroke his arm, even sneak up behind him and kiss him on the back of the neck. You remember that whole touching thing, right?

Secondly, don’t fall into that trap of setting a “date night.” This has all the earmarks of falling into another rut. Any more routine just might choke the life out of the relationship.

Better is to try to make every day seem like a date. If you still love your guy, act like it. Surprise him with small homemade gifts. Prepare his favorite meals every now and then and actually serve them with a smile. Smile as well when you walk into a room. Let him know you missed him when he was gone.

Do one of his most unfavorite chores for him every now and then. Or hire someone else to do it for you. Use the extra time you gain to cuddle.

Run his bathwater for him. Come in and wash his back, or even join him! Make the effort to reach out to him now and he will be glad for it, especially since he doesn’t need to come up with these ideas on his own!

Get away from that TV and think about pursuing a hobby or pastime together. And of course, make it a point to go to bed together, skipping the old lady flannel gown as you do so.

Making the extra effort to treat your relationship like it is worth something is better than running off with the bag boy. The extra time spent putting on lipstick for him will definitely be worth it!

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