How to Have the Best Sex Ever – Best Sex Positions

Everyone asks themselves what are the sex positions for the best sex ever. We each want to please our partner when we are making love. So to have the best sex ever it is important that you try sex positions that make intercourse fun and exciting. Society has a misconception that men should be thrusting deeply into a woman like a jackhammer, while women should be moaning in pleasure nonstop. This happens often in romantic movies but rarely in real life.

One problematic attitude that comes from films is that sex begins and ends when the man comes. Usually that is considered the climax of making love. The problem with this is that it completely ignores whether women reach orgasm during intercourse. The truth is that men come quickly, while women hardly ever come. Do not take this as a threat to your manhood. What this does mean is that one should not treat sex in terms of whether you come or not but whether she can. The difference is sometimes as simple as using different forms of arousal. For example it is important to stimulate a woman during foreplay and sex with your fingers and penis to get her turned on. This gives her a prolonged experience and warms her up to be able to orgasm in the first place. Unlike men, women’s arousal happens more gradually and is built up by anticipation. Thus doing this stimulation should not just be thought of as incidental, but as something that can make sex last longer and result in more orgasms.

If a girl still does not come, you may want to try something different.. For example, if you want a woman to come during vaginal intercourse, try a new sexual position position. There are very practical advantages to this. Different positions arouse her in different ways. In fact simply sitting up or lying on top of her can change the effect dramatically. Making love in various positions adds variety that can keep her more excited. Some positions actually help sex last longer so she can have more orgasms and you can feel like a stud.

Here are some sex positions for the best sex ever. For best results, I strongly recommend warming her up first by stimulating her with your finger so that she gets excited for this. That alone will create more orgasms and skyrocket the times that she reaches her climax. Get your fingers wet and enter her and curve your fingers upwards. Do it slow then speed up. With your other finger rub her clit and lick it with your tongue. This stimulation will get her so excited. When you enter her, you have try sex with the woman on top. Doing this allows her to move at her own pace and to adjust the angle and depth of penetration. The added advantage of this is that it also allows for more clitoral stimulation that is likely to turn her on. Often she will prefer slow lovemaking, but just as often she will enjoy entering you hard. I want to add one word of caution for both of these positions. I strongly recommend holding her hips to guide them just in case she gets too enthusiastic, which can have painful consequences.

Once you’ve experimented with these sexual positions, you might try entering her from behind and rubbing her clit at the same time. This can get her incredibly aroused. You can even, if you time it right, both achieve orgasm at the same time. One of the other great elements of this sex position is that going from behind shows a lot of dominance that psychologically appeals to many women. I would recommend coming up with your own variations as well. You can even try wilder and crazier stuff like thrusting into her while standing up in the shower!

Finally, I would like to add that any one of these sex positions can be varied in other ways as well. For example, looking at her in the eyes while you do any of these adds intensity to making love. Sometimes pinning her arms down while in a missionary position will show dominance that might turn her on. Slowing down your movements and letting her feel each thrust adds more of a sensual, romantic mood that you can sometimes contrast with faster thrusting at other times. By throwing in these new moves and variations you may find her reaching orgasms more often than you’ve ever seen before

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