Pressure Cleaning Brick Walls

Pressure cleaning brick walls is a delicate and quite challenging task. But it can be done easily with proper equipments and methods. Here are some things to be considered while cleaning brick walls to get good results at the end of the task.

Know the type of the brick used: This becomes a tedious task for if you are new to pressure cleaning. However, a well experienced professional will be able to tell the percentage of various components that make up the bricks on close inspection of the walls. This is an important factor that helps decide the chemicals and the methods that would have the desired effective results on the walls. Some of the bricks are so soft and porous that they are capable of collapsing understand constant pressure. Care should be taken to avoid such situations.

Consider the cracks and the porosity of the bricks: Before starting the task, it is highly recommended to check the area for cracks and gaps between the bricks and seal them with proper materials like mortar or sealers to avoid seepage of water or chemicals into the walls. Check the area for any loosened materials and remove them prior to Pressure Cleaning with brushes and bristles. It is also good to take note of the porosity of the bricks to decide the maximum amount of time an area can be treated without causing any leakage or seepage of water.

Use of suitable chemicals: Care should be taken to select the chemicals of right kind that would suit both the pressure cleaner and the wall to be treated. The porosity, strength of the materials used and many such factors should be taken into account while deciding the chemicals and solutions for the task of pressure cleaning masonry walls. Professional guidance will prove to be of much use under such circumstances.

Use of pressure cleaners: The use of cold water pressure cleaners are much preferred over the use of hot water or high pressure cleaners while dealing with high pressure cleaning the walls. It is always good to soak the wall with water a few minutes before the spraying the chemicals onto it to get good results. On spraying the chemicals, leave it for sometime and rinse it of with water. Take necessary steps to quicken the drying process or else the moisture will dampen the wall.

Brick walls add a classic and an elegant touch to the exteriors of our house. But they are easily prone to the attack of dust and pollutants. During the rainy season, fungi, mosses and lichens find their places within the gaps of the brick walls and make them slippery and ugly. Regular maintenance is required to protect the brick walls from dirt. Exposing the brick walls to sunlight can also minimise the effects of moisture on them.

Above all, it is worth spending on professional cleaning service while dealing with the brick walls. Just consider these simple yet important things while high pressure cleaning the brick walls in your yard the next time to get instant results without causing damage to your brick walls.

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