Reusable Grocery Bags: Should You Make The Switch?

Switching to wholesale, reusable grocery bags are perhaps one of the best things you can do for your children right now. “Refuse, reuse, and recycle” is perhaps one of the best-known phrases in the world. We’ve all heard it on TV, and we’ve all been told about it in school, but do we really practice it? Hybrid cars and ecofriendly refrigerators are great, but they don’t really do as much as we should be doing to protect our children’s future. The real bane of our society is the plastic bag. Billions of them populate our landfills and streets; they even clog up our sewers and drains. They take thousands of years to decompose and end up killing thousands of animals every year.

They look great at shopping center checkouts but they aren’t that great if some poor bird or animal ends up choking on one of them. Is this the legacy you want to leave for your future generations? A very reliable and good alternative is the recycled, reusable grocery bag. They are made from recycled fabrics and paper, and are excellent for regular reuse. All you need to do is wash them, and they’re just like new. You can easily buy cheap, wholesale, reusable grocery bags at bulk stores or warehouses and give a few to your entire household. Your kids could keep some in their backpacks in case they ever go to the market to pick anything up. You could keep some in your car, and you can use them for other things as well.

They come in a wide range of colors and trendy designs so they look pretty good, and you can also make a very bold fashion statement with them. They yell out sophistication because you are ‘going green’! You can easily find wholesale packs of reusable grocery bags with an assortment of designs and colors at very cheap prices, both online and at bulk buying stores. They are also great to take to your neighbors’ for backyard cookouts or just to drop off some chicken soup for a sick relative. They’re also great for storing tools or toys. You can even use wholesale, reusable grocery bags for regular use. Most are designed so well that they can actually be used instead of regular purses or travel bags.

What else can you do? You probably have some plastic bags and cups lying around your home right now. Why not start reusing them for groceries and other things? If you are going out for a coffee, why not ask to be served in a porcelain cup, or take your own cup there, instead of accepting the regular paper or Styrofoam cups? Cut down on your waste generation as much as you can, and try to reuse everything that can’t be recycled. In fact, you should try to switch to products that come with recycled packaging. You can even encourage your regular café or restaurant to switch to recyclable, paper or other reusable cups and utensils, or to urge customers to bring their own travel mugs. These things might seem very small, but they play a very big role in changing people’s mindsets. They influence people to change their lifestyles and switch to a healthier, environmentally friendly life. With billions of plastic bags, plastic and Styrofoam cups, and other unrecyclable packaging material being manufactured every year, every bit counts. It is imperative that we put our foot down and change ourselves, to change our future for the better.

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