Stand Up Tanning Beds – Are They a Good Option?

Stand up tanning beds, as implied by its name, are machines where users have to actually stand up. If you are wondering if they are a better option than a laying-down tanning bed, it is actually hard to tell and depends on the user’s opinion. It would help if you know the advantages of these devices.

An obvious trademark of a stand up tanning bed is that the user is physically standing up while getting a tan. For some, this is beneficial since this kind of bed usually has larger space than a horizontal one so the user has more freedom to move. Also, this can benefit a person who’s claustrophobic or doesn’t like lying down.

Also, the quality of the tan is much better than the traditional bed. Aside from the space and openness provided by a stand up tanning bed that results in an even tan, the lamps of the bed, with the help of a reflector, make the rays to be spread more consistently.

Stand up tanning beds also have stronger bulbs. In a regular bed, the standard bulb is only 100-watt but the stand up bed has 160-watt bulb which is more powerful. Aside from providing better tan, it can shorten the time that you have to tan inside the bed. In a stand up bed, you should just spend 10 minutes or less to get the tanning you want while a traditional bed requires 30 minutes or less depending on the type of bed and bulbs used.

Also, personal hygiene is better taken care of in a stand up tanning bed since you’re not required to be in contact with the surface of the bed. Even if most salons regularly disinfect their beds and UV light and high heat can surely kill 99% of germs, it is still more comfortable for people to know that there’s no skin contact with the bed.

If you don’t like to stand up, this bed is not for you. However, if you consider all the advantages of a stand up tanning bed, you’ll know that this is the best option to get your tan.

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