The Green Way To Clean Your Upholstered Living Room Furniture

Your upholstered living room furniture has a way of catching dirt, dust, and stains. While there are many products on the market that promise to clean your couch, loveseat, chair, or recliner, you do not always know what is in these cleaners and how safe they are. If you want to clean your living room furniture naturally, you are in luck. Follow these tips for all-natural cleaning of all your upholstered pieces.

Step One – Remove

Remove any part of the stain that you can. If there is anything that is crusty or that can be removed with gentle scraping, carefully scrape with the edge of a spoon or a rubber spatula. While scraping, make sure you do not rub the stain in. If the stain is on a pillow or cushion, remove it from the piece of furniture before cleaning.

Step Two – Vacuum

Use your vacuum to clean the entire piece of upholstered living room furniture. Many vacuum cleaners have a dusting brush attachment you can put on the hose. If you have one, it will come in handy. If you do not, you can just use the attached hose or a simple dusting brush. Should the stain still be wet, skip this step or it could set the stain in and ruin your vacuum.

Step Three – Cleaner

It is quite easy to make your own natural cleaner. All you need is a mixing bowl, a mixer, some dish soap, and water. Add one-quarter of a cup of your favorite natural dish detergent with one cup of warm water in a bowl. With an electric or handheld mixer, beat the soap and water until it is similar in consistency to a foamy meringue.

Step Four – Scrub

Use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub the foam onto the stain. You will see the dirt and grime lift out of the fabric. Once the foam is soiled, remove it with a rubber spatula. Continue until the stain is completely removed. You may have to wait until the area is dry to determine if the stain is completely removed.

Step Five – Rinse

Dampen a cloth that is soft, clean, and white, since other colors may bleed into your furniture. Rinse the area by wiping away the suds. Rinse your cloth and repeat the process. It may take three or four wipes before the area is completely rinsed.

Step Six – Dry

Before using the piece of upholstered living room furniture that you cleaned, you should allow it to dry. You do not want to ruin the piece by allowing it to mildew. If you removed a pillow or cushion, keep it separate from the furnishing until it is completely dry. Once you are sure it is dry, put it back together.

You do not have to let a stain ruin your favorite piece of furniture. Use the easy steps shared here to naturally clean any upholstered piece of living room furniture in your home and you won’t have to worry about stains or harsh chemicals.

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