Three Best Positions For Female Orgasms Explained

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could give your lover orgasms every time you make love

You will when you begin using the best positions for female orgasms most men never even think of trying.

Obviously if your a man who desires to be a competent lover than you will find these very useful in giving her more pleasure and bringing her to orgasm easier.

So let me reveal them and give you the knowledge and expertise most men wish they discovered.

  1. One which is great for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation is having her lay down on the edge of the bed. You should be standing, take both her legs one on each side of your hips and pull her into you. If she has the strength, have her tilt her pelvis down. This positions allows you to target the g spot and stimulate the clitoris with each thrust.
  2. Another position I favor over others is having her lay on her side while facing you. Get between her legs and enter her. This allows for a very intimate experience as she is close enough to you to kiss and feel your passion and it also allows you to manually stimulate her with your hand.
  3. This sexual intercourse position is used most commonly between couples. Yes, it’s the missionary position. Only this time you should move your upper body slightly higher than hers and place small pillow under her back so her pelvis is tilted down. This is a great way to allow your member to bring more sensations to her by stimulating the clitoris.

All three of these are the best positions for a female orgasm and will help you deliver more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

The more adept you become bringing her pleasure the more she will request your services in bed.

One of the main reasons women in general do not crave more sex from their partner is because of the lack of pleasure they receive.

They will be more willing to initiate sex and have an increased libido when they know the pleasure will be reciprocated.

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