Three Easy Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs That Answer the Question, How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs?

There’s a good chance that you never thought you’d have to ask yourself how do you prevent bed bugs? Until fairly recently, the only time you ever talked about bedbugs was when you told someone to not let them bite. Nobody really knew what they were, or gave them any thought.

Until they started to become a genuine epidemic, in which case you’re going to be looking to get rid of them. Unless you like having tiny insects crawling around on you while you sleep and giving you nasty little bites that itch like mad. In which case, this is probably not the article for you.

Here are three easy tips for preventing bed bugs:

Bag Your Stuff

Bedbugs get to your home by traveling on your stuff. They’re not especially interested in people, and they won’t travel on you, but they do like the dark warm insides of your luggage.

You can head them off at the pass by keeping all your clothes in Ziploc plastic bags while you travel, keeping them sealed off. The gallon bags are great for this, and it will really help you prevent bed bugs. Make sure you never leave the clothes out and always make sure to do your changing in the bathroom.

You can also put your luggage in large plastic bags until you treat them there. This prevents any traveler you might have picked up from escaping into your home. This may get the occasional odd look, but it’s certainly better than having your blood sucked every night and scratching every day.

Freeze Them Out

Bed bugs like warm places. This is no surprise, since they drink the blood of warm blooded mammals. But the best way to keep them out of your home is to stick your luggage in the deep freeze. This will require you to have a freezer large enough to accommodate your luggage, so you may need to stash it with a friend if you’re an apartment dweller.

The luggage, which should still be in its plastic bag, needs to be taken down to less than thirty degrees Celsius, and the colder the better. Bed bugs are hardly little vampires, though, so you’re going to want to leave the luggage in the freezer for at least two weeks to make absolutely sure they’re all dead.

Do Your Research

Which is basically saying that the easiest way to prevent bed bugs is never be exposed to them. Before you stay at any hotels, check them out at one of the review sites. If they have a problem with bed bugs, they will absolutely be mentioned somewhere.

Likewise, whenever you get to your room, look around and make sure that there aren’t any bed bugs around. They like creases and folds, so look at the stitching of the bed and every little niche you can find. Bed bugs are about a quarter of inch long, sort of cigar shaped, and brown.

If you find then, find another hotel. Not just another room, another hotel, because if one room has them, nowhere else is safe. You can’t always stop the bed bugs, but this tip will really help you keep the bed bugs at bay.

How do you prevent bed bugs? You follow these simple tips.

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