Twin Sleeper Chair – Add Sleeping Space Stylishly

A twin sleeper chair, or loveseat sleeper, is a great way to add a spare bed to your space without anyone being the wiser until bedtime. Twin sleepers actually cover a wide range of widths, from 48 inches to 65 inches. Since size is often an issue when twin sleeper chairs are being considered, be sure to measure your space so you don’t buy a sleeper chair that’s two inches too wide.

Do some preliminary searching on the internet to get an idea of what’s available. Fabric coverings can be woven or printed. A woven fabric is generally more durable, but also more expensive. It also holds dust and dirt a little more readily than a smooth cotton, and should be vacuumed regularly.

A smooth cotton fabric can have fabric protection applied to help it maintain its bright look. Cotton coverings come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns, but be sure to think about where the sleeper chair will be placed. Direct sunlight will fade your beautiful fabric before its time, so if the sleeper chair must go against a sunny window, consider a woven fabric or a throw to protect the material until company arrives.

If fabrics don’t appeal to you, remember that twin sleepers are also available in leather, vinyl, or the newer microfibers. All of these are easier to clean than cotton or a woven fabric, and the leather and vinyl also resist spills better. Covers are available for these as well, so you can change your décor at a moment’s notice or protect your sleeper chair from everyday wear.

Try out the mattress. This can’t be stressed enough. Mattresses can come in every thickness and material. If there’s one thing on which you might want to splurge, the mattress is it. Especially if the twin sleeper is for you in your little dorm room or loft apartment, it must be comfortable. Eight hours on an uncomfortable mattress can seem like an eternity.

Inner spring mattresses are still pretty common, but new memory foam mattresses are being manufactured for twin sleepers and they may provide a more comfortable alternative for you. There are also mattresses that incorporate pockets of air, and of course Polyurethane foam is available, as well. Try all the different types you can find, because you may find one that’s best for the type of support you need.

Examine how the chair converts to a sleeping surface. The fewer mechanical parts, the less likely you are to have problems down the road. The most basic of twin sleeper chairs is constructed completely of foam with a cloth covering, and has no mechanical parts. While it’s the most inexpensive option, it’s not very durable and if you can save up enough money for a more durable twin sleeper, it’s usually a good investment.

A twin sleeper chair is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can purchase. Because of this, the time you invest before the purchase will pay off in a sleeper chair that should give you years of faithful service and comfort at night, either for yourself or overnight guests.

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