Water Jet Power Washer

Now here is pretty cool item that I can’t wait to get your hands on. It’s the Water Jet Power Washer. The reason that I really want to get this is that my wife has been bugging me since we bought our house to power wash the thing down. She says that it looks dirty. I agree with her but I really did not want to go out and buy a $500 piece of machinery that was going to blast the 50 year old paint off of my house!

So along comes the Water Jet Power Washer. According to the commercial they say that it is not as strong as a professional washer yet it is stronger then a hose. Bingo! That sounds like exactly what I need. I felt like if I would have used a power washer on the house I would have killed the termites that were holding hands to keep the house up! But really, those power washers look so strong that I feel the paint might peel off.

Some advantages of the washer are that you do not need to lug out your heavy power cleaning machine to get similar results. Also, you do not need to even have the expensive power cleaner thus saving you money.

The commercial also claims that you can clean a second story window and knock out a wasp nest from a safe distance. That remains to be seen, but I can guarantee that I will have a power washer in my hands in the next day or two depending on how long it takes to ship.

But how does it work? They claim that water flows though the volume reduction chamber where the pressure builds until a powerful jet stream flows out the brass tip.

The reason I want to buy this water jet as opposed to the other one that is on TV (I won’t mention the name) is because it just looks more sturdy like it is made out of better parts and not some cheap plastic mess. I will have to see if the Water Jet works for me!

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